Handmade this week

Dress: Handmade, Blue Cable Tights: mini Boden
Pattern from my friend

French Seams-Love her!
Velvet Jacket: Material, Pattern: Winter 2007 Paris Jacket

Gold Buttons

The dress pattern is from a friend of mine that is doing a charity sew-along at the moment.  I am trying to do 10 dresses by the end of next week and mail them in. 

The jacket I made to go with Malia's England Wardrobe. We are going to England and I want to make her clothes for the trip. The jacket's pattern is Ottobre Winter 2007, #30 Paris Short Jacket. I altered it a bit, well actually I just didn't add the full length of the sleeves, I made them 3/4 length.

My take on Ottobre Patterns
I only have one of these pattern books. I've made several things: dresses, jacket, skirt and blouse and pants.
They are not many pieces to contract a piece of clothing. Easy to put together.........that is if you already know how to sew. The instructions are very, VERY vague. There are directions, but they are not step by step as to an american pattern. And don't expect picture to go along with the directions-there are none, just the a drawing of the finished garment. Most of the time I will figure out on my own how to put it together. 


  1. 10 dresses?!?! That will be fantastic if you can pull it off! I love french seams! Haven't really done them since I got the serger but they really do look nice and tidy.

    Great job on the jacket!!

  2. Seriously - you are amazing! 10 dresses is quite a feat! So glad you tweeted a link to your blog. I love it!

  3. Well, I will try at least. I've cut out 7 dresses already.
    Wish me luck, you guys<3!


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