Mash Up Dessert

Ingredients for the dessert: (left to right) homemade yogurt, Balsamic Vinegar, Vanilla extract, Meringue Cookies
M mashing the strawberries

Layer of crushed meringues, then strawberries

Then yogurt
Then more meringues. If you have room repeat for another layer
Super easy dessert. We have this about once a week.

What is your go to dessert?


  1. I'm lazy. . . mine is Kashi Dark Chocolate Oatmeal cookies :)

  2. We've been talking about making our own yogurt ever since Miss Tatiana's class - way to go on actually doing it! Oh, and WALDORF BUSTED on the movie :)

    We make the recipe on the back of the 'O' brand organic chocolate chips - with oatmeal, dried fruit, and nuts. But C. was SO into the movie (we watched 1/2 last night and 1/2 tonight) that she didn't eat one cookie or any popcorn!

  3. @Vanessa: I never heard of those cookies? They sound really good, I have to try them.

    @Christy: What do you mean Waldorf Busted? Did someone see C watching the movie? Now that would be funny! I love homemade yogurt, I like it super tangy so I leave it out for a few more hours.


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