Tomato Tart & Thumbprint Cookies

Here is a picture of the tomato tomato tart I made Monday. I added red onions and used blue cheese on top and parmesan on the bottom. I ended up making my own crust out of oatmeal and flour. 
Our salad was mango with salt and hot sauce. I can eat that salad for days! 

For Monday's activity M and I made Thumbprint cookies from Martha Stewart's Cookie Book. Instead of Hershey Kisses I used my Brooklyn Chocolate. Shout out to Jose and Elizabeth! (Sorry, I'm a bit ghetto inside.) 

Tomato Tart & Mango Salad

Thumbprint cookies


  1. There it is! I was looking for your recipe for those AMAZING cookies! The chocolate inside is OUT OF THIS WORLD good. And, I spy a standing mixer - I want one soo bad :)

    ps- there's a mini-note for you at Waldorf in your box

  2. Hey Christy! Hope all is well in the Hall house. I KNOW you have it all under control. You are so organized.
    That is so funny you were looking for the recipe. I was thinking of posting it. I will put it up today. Isn't that chocolate insane?! That is why I have it shipped to me, hee hee.
    I do need a bigger mixer.......when I get rid of this one, you will have first dibs;)


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