Baby Doll Kit

We are traveling and I am always looking for ways to entertain M on the plane or long road trips. M has a baby she will bring, so I thought why not make the baby some things.

Baby Liesl, Burp Cloth, 2 Oil Cloth Bibs, 3 Cloth Diapers with "pooh" strips, 1 oil cloth bag

Oil cloth bag with cotton lining and zipper

Cloth Diaper

Oil cloth bib with velcro on back. Poor baby Liesl, our dog took off her nose. 

Burp cloth (please ignore my sewing, rush job)


  1. how crafty! i'm sure that will keep her entertained for a bit :)

  2. Yes, that's me;) I want to start selling these. But, I think I will run into the issue of sizing the doll for the cloth diapers.


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