San Francisco Trip

San Francisco is such a great town. We walked everywhere, ate at some really good restaurants and picked up a few cute things for M at Zara.

Here is what we did:

First stop-the Ferry Building Marketplace. This is a foodies dream spot.  We had breakfast, lunch and dinner on our first day. My favorite coffee, Blue Bottle. So smooth. AND the best street waffles ever. I asked for the recipe, all I got was how they made them. 

Boccalone-really good pork. I had the salami sandwich. Their slogan, "Tasty Salted Pig Parts"

On the plane we decorated wooden Easter eggs with crayons.  Double duty: keep M busy on the plane and a Easter egg hunt later.

M had a Easter egg hunt in the lobby of our hotel. The guest had a good laugh at M finding her eggs, which were in plain sight!  

Bar Jules is a wonderful little farm to table cafe in Hayes Valley. I had the scrambled eggs with asparagus. Everything was cooked to perfection, the eggs were so creamy and light. 

Had dinner at Zuni's with a friend. Thanks, Maria for such a lovely Saturday.

Zuni's was great. Fresh food, farm to table restaurant,  the roasted chicken is a must! 

Anchor & Hope is located in a tiny alley way. 

Anchor & Hope a farm to table fish house. They are know for the lobster roll on brioche bread. Tasty with fresh kettle chips. 

Smitten Ice Cream in Hayes Valley park. This was such a special treat.  The ice cream is made on the spot!  You can read how they do it here. It was amazing to watch. 

It's funny to see hazard signs on a ice cream shop. 

Yummy salted carmel. 

Watching the ice cream being made in 60 seconds!

Tartine Bakery-No sign, everyone knows where to go. 

It was a bit upsetting the bakery did not sell bread the day we went. But, the quiche made up for it. Oh, man was that good.  Also, brought home some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (my kind of souvenir).

The lemon almond cake, the edges were the best part. 


  1. No fair - I want M to take cute pictures of me & Caitlyn like A did for you :) My dad was lucky to have been stationed on the Presidio twice. We lived right on Presidio Blvd when I was in K-2nd grade, and then after I graduated HS (in Maryland). The second time I had a view of Alcatraz from my bedroom window! I LOVE SF! We even toyed around with the idea of moving there so we could raise Caitlyn in the city.

    Looks like you all had a great time!!!

  2. Isn't SF fabulous? I won't mind living there as well.


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