Balboa International Market

Balboa International Market

I took my FIL to the Mediterranean/Middle Eastern market here in town. He was in heaven!

Here is what we bought:


  1. Lebanese Olive oil. Going to try this, the oil is deep green, first press. 
  2. Bulgar Wheat. My FIL is going to make bulgar koftes. He explains that they are bulgar on the outside stuffed with meat then deep fried. Oh, I a can not wait to try.
  3. Vermicelli Pasta. My FIL makes this rice and noodle side dish that pretty good. Something like rice o'roni. Do they still make that?
  4. Helva. Let me tell you-this is my new crack! Seriously! It is a made from tahini that has been cooked. The flavor is bit peanut buttery, the texture is crumbly and flakey. I bought the halva with pistachios.  
Is there anything you think I should try?

Balboa International Market
5901 Balboa Avenue
San Diego, CA 92111-2711

(858) 277-3600


  1. My mom used to get us helva when we were little....I LOVE that stuff. And your FIL is so cute! I want to come to dinner-- it all sounds so good!!!


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