Chamorro Style Corned Beef

I understand corned beef is not Guamanian, but this is how my family does it.
Corned beef was not ready at my local super market, so I decided to try making my own. You can use store bought corned beef.

My kind of corned beef

Finadene: Guamanian ketchup 

Corned Beef
straight from Nourishing Traditions 
makes 2 pounds

1 2-pound Beef brisket, frozen 14 days and thawed
1/2 Cup Whey
1 Cup Filtered water
2 T Sea salt
1 T Mustard seeds
4-5 Bay leaves, crumbled
1 T Juniper berries, crushed
1t Red pepper flakes

  • Mix seasonings and rub into both sides of brisket. Place in a bowl that just contains it. Mix whey with water and pour over brisket. Cover and marinate at room temperature for about 2 days, turning frequently. Transfer to refrigerator. Use for sandwiches or corned beef hash. 
NOTE: I considered taking a picture of the beef while it was marinating on the counter.....I thought better or it. I used a glass container with a seal tight lid. Let me tell you, when I opened it the second day-WHOA! The smell was not pretty. Just a warning.

Chamorro Corned Beef
Makes enough for 3 people and leftovers for the next day

6 Potatoes, small, cut in half
1 Red Cabbage, small, cut into quarters
1 1/2 Cup Baby Carrots
2 Celery, chopped
Salt and Pepper to taste

Brown Rice, already made
Finadene (recipe below)
  • On the second day take the corned beef out of the liquid (plug your nose) and place it in a medium heavy pot. Throw away the marinate. 
  • Cover the beef with water. Bring to a boil over medium heat.
  • Turn down heat to low and cook for about 2 1/2 to 3 hours, uncovered. Or until beef is tender and pulls apart easy. 
  • Towards the end of the cooking time, about 1/2 hour, add all the vegetables. Cook until done.
  • Eat with rice and finadene sauce.


1/2 Cup Soy sauce
1 Lemon
1 Green onion, sliced
2 Red peppers, whole

  • In a bowl add soy sauce. Squeeze lemon into the soy sauce, add the green onions and red pepper. 
  • Cover and frig when done. It can last for months. 
  • I like to use it over fresh cooked rice and butter, fish, fried rice, anything really. 


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