Almond Milk

Creamy, fresh, tasty 

1 Cup      Raw Almonds
1/2 Cup   Raw Cashews
2              Dates, pitted
Pinch       Sea Salt
2              Cardamon Pods, cracked and seeds taken out
2 t            Cinnamon
1 T           Vanilla (or 1 vanilla bean scrap out seeds)

  • In a blender add all ingredients. 
  • Blend for a few minutes. Until nuts are a fine nut meat. 
  • Let sit for a hour in frig for an hour.
  • Strain with a cheese cloth into a container.
  • Good for about a week.


  1. I must try this with the cashews and spices! The almond milk I made once was very gritty and rather... bland (not worth the $ dropped @ People's on organic bulk). But this recipe may be worth another go for me!

    1. I think the cheese cloth will help with grit. But, I don't mind the "chewing" in my milk. Yes, the sea salt and dates give it a great flavor. Add more dates if you find it not sweet enough. But, you don't need any more sugar, sugar. HEE HEE.


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