New York: Brooklyn

Great place on Smith Street. They have a lovely garden in the back.  

(first picture courtesy of Apartment 138)

Yummy salad with beets and a buttermilk dressing. 

Interesting Japanese restaurant. They serve tapas, Japanese style. The tapas change daily. My favorite-the avocado shrimp salad.

Kyoto style Obanzai (Japanese Tapas)
 Shrimp and Avovado with Yuzu Mayo, Seaweed Salad
Fried Soy Sauce Marinated Chicken, Grilled Ginger Soy Sauce Marinated Pork Rib 

I always have Agedashi! They make their own tofu, how cool is that?

Nice refreshing treat in the hot city.

H having the Mint Chocolate Chip


333 Henry Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

196 Court Street
Brooklyn, NY
Tel. 718.858.0408


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