LA Souvenirs

Had to stop at the LA location. Had my usual Coconut Donut, M had the red velvet cupcake

I love these salt and pepper mills from Le Pain Quotidien. Though I miss their breads, I can still shop in the pantry section.  

Also bought this olive spread at LPQ, going to try this on gluten free flatbread.

Went to Tavern Restaurant in Brentwood for a dinner date with my little lady. We ate in the bar area and tried the burger. It was OK......

Tavern also has cute food section, called the Larder. I bought a 2 pound bar of chocolate for baking.

Almonds for salads  

NEVER AGAIN! Will I leave at 2:30. Always wait till 8pm to leave LA. Four hours in traffic and a 6 year old, never again. 


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