Christmas Outfits

This is what I plan to make for Christmas

digital jump rope dress sewing pattern

Pin Dot Red
For the littlin' Oliver + S Jump Rope Dress in Pin Dot Red with a Red Silk Sash

Tencel Jersey Knit  Red
For the older Monster a Knit Dress with a Cowl in Red


Radiance Cotton/Silk Poplin Cranberry

For me Burda Style Long Sleeve Maxi Dress in Cranberry Cotton/Silk 

What are you planning to make for Christmas? 


  1. Love all the projects you have planned! I'm not sure I have any Christmas sewing's too cold to sew ;)

    1. For some reason I feel more incline to see when it is cold. How about crocheting? Are you doing more hats and scarfs?

  2. looks cute. jora and i will be making bitters. i will be making my annual wall decor in place of a tree. i have some ideas, but nothing committed to yet.

  3. I should buy that bitters book. My husband has gotten into drinking bitters with tonic water. Wall decor? OH! I would love to see that.


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