IMATS Goodies

IMATS is a make up show held all over the country.  It is 3 days, Friday is held for pros only, Saturday and Sunday IMATS is open to the public.

Her is what I bought.

ILLUMINATING COMPLEXION FIX for face & eyes / MediumGreat cover up. I use it for under my eyes. I like that it does not budge, Veil stays in it's place.

Gleam  by Melanie Mills
GLEAM Body Radiance 3.5oz"Naked"   Lip Radiance"Pop My Cork"  Lip Radiance"Unforgettable"  Lip Radiance
Gleam is a sparkly color lotion. I like to us it during the summer for a sun kiss glow. I bought the light gold and rose gold. I was given a third bottle, bronze gold, because I bought four lip radiances. The four lip colors are: NakedPop My Cork and Unforgettable. I love these lipsticks! They have a high shine without the stickiness. You know what I mean? When the wind blows and all your hair is stuck to your gooey lipstick. Out of all the colors Unforgettable is my favorite, a wearable purple. 

Add capt

Lash Accents #318 wore these to dinner the other night. Great for a little extra length for your lashes. 

Babies Black  Very natural, not too thick.

Romantic and sparkle would be fun for dress up. 

PHANTASMPhantasm Nail Polish:  Pastel Blue Metallic, opaque, metallic. 
Have yet to try this, but I did buy 

CrusingCruising: Heavy Metal Gold
and I love it! Stays on forever. 

OCC Skin Primer

Chella Brow & Eye Collection

 At the show Chella was giving free eye brow shaping. I bought the eye brow kit. I've been using this for a few days now. Great brow bone highlighter, really makes the eyebrows pop.

O.R.G had the cutest booth. I was drawn to it right away. 
The mineral peel is a natural exfoliate. They also gave a free gift, natural face wipes. 
Go to the O.R.G Skincare to watch the amazing video. 

Parian Spirit is a make up brush cleaner you use without water. The website can explain. If you have white bristle brushes, this cleaner will keep the brushes white! 

G5552-4mm Powder & Liquid Brush round/angledPowder/Liquid Brush: This brush is great for liquid foundation. The application is flawless, no streaks. 

K024 Eye Shadow Brush round and flatEyeshadow brush, round and flat: good for all over color or color on just the lid. 

Kokutan Eye Shadow Brush WMKokutan Flat Eye Shadow Brush: Good for wet shadow(paint pots) or loose eyeshadow. 

Kokutan Eye Shadow Brush TKokutan Round Eye Shadow brush: This is good for smudging eyeshadow into the eyeliner. 

B533BkSL Eye Shadow Brush pointedEyeshadow Pointed Brush: Similar as above but thinner. 

PHEW! That was a lot. I would like to know your favorite make-up. And did you go to IMATS? 

(all photos from product websites, except top photo: my own)

OCC Face Primer: natural ingredients, only about 5 ingredients. Used this only once. I like that my foundation glides on smoothly. But, does not help my mid-day shine.


  1. how fun! some of my fav cosmetic items at the moment:

    -love my acquarella nail polish but never get the time to use them :(

    -first aid beauty ultra repair face moisturizer - awesome, not greasy at all

    -oil of olay pro-x face brush - cheap but good version of the clarisonic

    1. I need to try that nail polish. everyone raves about the clarisonic, i break out big time with that brush. I wonder if the oil of olay would be better.


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