The New Almond Milk

Our new almond milk, I add coconut milk to thicken. With this recipe you can use the almond meal for sweet or savory items.

Almond Milk                                                                                                    PRINT

1 Cup Raw Whole Almonds
1 T      Salt
1 Can Coconut Milk

  • Add the almonds to a glass container. Cover the almonds with water, about 3 cups.
  • Set aside on the counter. Soak for about 24 hours. Soaking helps with phytic acid.
  • The next day strain the almonds and rinse well. 
  • In a blender add the soaked almonds and fresh cold water, about 5 cups.
  • Blend until the almonds are finely grounded and the water is a milky color.
  • Stain and squeeze the milk out.  *I like to use a big bowl, a fine mesh colander, and a clean napkin. 
  • In the bowl with the almond milk add the can of coconut milk. Mix well. 
  • Pour the milk in tall glass containers. 
  • Refrigerate. Drink within the week. 
  • Enjoy.


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