Summer Where are You?

I think we are all ready for summer, don't you think? Here are my summer vows:
  • Wear more dresses. Why don't I wear more dress?! They are so much more comfortable than jeans, right? 

Cool Cotton Dress | Dress | Baukjen
Isabella Oliver Cool Cotton Dress, on sale now! 

  •  Wear face sunblock everyday. Really, I should of started in my 20s, but here I am now freaking out about wrinkles and cancer in my 30s. 

Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50+

Kiehl's 50+ Sundblock

  • The jean jacket vest, I've never owned one. It's back around, I think it's about time I try it. 

My To Do List:
Sunset Dinners
Soak City 
Outdoor cooking
Swim more-saltwater is so good for my skin
Plant a garden
See the beach more
Sew more-I've been slacking this winter
Outdoor dinner parties

My Summer Pinterest Board

Tiny Picnic Carrots

Lastly, this video

Also, any tips on Yosemite?


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