Arizona Souvenirs

What do you like to bring back home from your travels? 
As a child I remember my  home brimming with knickknacks from our trips around Europe. As an adult I try to find things I can use.

Starting from the back:
  • Arizona Hot Sauce. My favorite flavor was the Chipotle Habanero Pepper Sauce. Not too hot, spicy and smoky. 
  • A little ceramic pot. My friend Elizabeth told me about a matchstick holder you can buy in LA. We looked, and they were sold out. This is my version. 
  • Baking With Agave Nectar I am in search of recipes that use agave. It is very difficult to convert recipes from sugar (dry ingredient) to agave (liquid ingredient). Hopefully this will help. 
  • Ayate Wash Cloth. This wash cloth is made from agave fibers. 
  • Blue Corn Seeds and Hot Pepper Seeds. While at one of the museums I was reading about how the ancient Indians gardened. They used the three sisters method: Squash around the base, climbing beans, and corn in the inside. I would love to try this for my garden. 

French Toast and Bacon

On the edge of Grand Canyon


Hiked in Sedona 


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