How to Camp Cook

Who loves camping? Who loves cooking? 
Why not combine the two! This is how I cook when we camp.

I use my charcoal grill for everything. Cooking, grilling, baking......well except frying! 
In this picture I am making breakfast. First I used my cooper skillet to "fry" my bacon. Then, I used the bacon fat  and cooper skillet to cook the potato and cabbage hash. The mug is to keep my tea warm while I cook. The bacon is in front to keep warm. 
I push all my coals to the back of the grill. This gives me different temperatures on the grill.
Right on top of the coals is high heat/direct heat. You have to keep a really close eye when you have your pans on direct coals. The bottom of your pan will burn quickly. I use this when I am "frying" an egg on a cast iron skillet. Or cooking something quick with high heat. 
In front I use the grill as a oven. I've made donuts, cakes, roasted lamb, Thanksgiving turkey breast. I turn the pan often to obtain an even heat all over. 
With any grill cooking:
  • Keep a close eye on the grill. Food burns easy in that tiny thing!
  • Check what you are cooking often. 
  • Turn pans 180 degrees every 10 minutes or so. 
  • It takes time. Give yourself about one hour more than when you are at home. 
  • Take in consideration the time to heat the coals.

Tri tips and Potato/Asparagus Hash

Gluten Free Sunday Pancakes

Baked Beans

Bacon and Gluten Free Donuts

Finished Donuts


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