Story Time Birthday

Little Monster had birthday party recently. Here is what happened.

The party was based around the book Rosalind and the Little Deer.
We started with the photo booth. When each child arrived we took their picture and printed them with a camera printer for the children's favor boxes. 

The kids made little forrest to take home with them.

Next, we did a treasure hunt around the garden. I took pictures of a few items for the kids to find.

The last activity was story time. I read Rosalind and the Little Deer while the children acted it out.
 They were all very adorable.
M's cake was gluten free "rainbow cake" with a coconut butter frosting.

Thank you to my team:
Seriously could of not done it without them! 

Party Supplies: 
Table setting 
Plates and Napkins from Target
Green Straws from Target
Mason Jars for cups-estate sale 

White and pink tassels by me
M's outfit by mama

Forrest making

Treasure Hunt 

Cake Time
Gold Candles from England
Chairs from Craigslist


  1. Looks everything so beautiful, I love every single detail, Happy birthday Malia. xoxo

    1. Thank you, Cin. It was great fun planning everything. I love it!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

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