Pumpkin Spice

For this autumn pantry party I made Pumpkin Spice. It can be used on just about anything and everything. Tonight I am making GAP chocolate by this fabulous lady, and topping the chocolates with a sprinkle of this mix.


3 part        Cinnamon Stick
1 part        All Spice Seeds
1 part        Star of Anise
1 part        Vanilla Bean, chopped into bits
1 part         Whole Cloves
1 part         Ginger, already grounded*
1 part         Nutmeg seed

Grind everything in  a spice grinder (except ginger) until finely milled, almost powder like.
Mix with ginger and store in an air tight container. Use before autumn is over.

*I used ground ginger because I was worried fresh would spoil the mix faster.

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